Center For Growing Families

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Our Unique Approach


There are many parenting centers that educate about strategies and techniques for raising children, where much thought is given to the emotional needs of the child. However, there are few centers that address the inner world of the parent, who may be facing a number of personal difficulties. That is why in 2010 we opened the Center for Growing Families.

Through many years of developing both our psychotherapy and mothering skills, we each developed a passion for helping to address the emotional needs of parents and expectant parents. At our center we help with the following types of issues:


· Worry or anxiety
· Sadness or depression
· Postpartum mood disorders
· Pregnancy concerns
· Birth trauma

· Adoption
· Marital/relationship friction
· Grief and loss
· Shifting identity


We invite you to explore our site, and we would be happy to speak with you personally to discuss how we can assist with your particular needs.

~Aliza and Kimberly