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"You are not alone. You are not to blame. With help, you will be well."
–Post Partum International


Anxiety and depression affect approximately 20% of new and expectant mothers and approximately 10% of fathers. You don’t need to suffer alone. We offer treatment methods clinically proven to effectively resolve perinatal mood disorders.

Most women ride an emotional rollercoaster for the first few weeks after delivery as hormones shift and the reality of caring for a new infant is realized. This experience, known as the “baby blues,” typically lasts for a few weeks and resolves without intervention. Intense feelings that do not subside or that begin to worsen are likely signs of a postpartum mood disorder (PMAD), which can present as depression, anxiety or, in extreme circumstances, psychosis. Also, it is now understood that mothers who did not carry and fathers can also experience PMADs. These disorders are highly treatable with specialized therapy, which is a core service offered at CGF, and/or medical intervention.

Even after a mother’s “baby blues” or a new parent’s PMAD has resolved, therapeutic support may still be beneficial to work through the profound challenges a baby creates: identity shifts, marital tension, changing friendships and family relationships, etc….And, first-time parents often have many questions about such things as feeding, sleeping, playing, or attachment as they take on the demands of their brand new role. We have worked with hundreds of families addressing a range of needs during the postpartum period.

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