Center For Growing Families
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Growing Families

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”
—A.A. Milne


There are many ways for a family to grow. Whether through pregnancy, adoption, or surrogacy, bringing a new baby into your world is always an emotional transition. At CGF, we have helped hundreds of new and expectant parents navigate this life-changing experience.

Expectant parents report a wide range of feelings: sadness, fear, stress, eagerness, excitement, ambivalence, etc….And, virtually all are wondering what the future holds. We offer individuals and couples a space to talk through their expectations, hopes, and fears about the birth process or adoption and what will follow, allowing for a smooth, manageable, and more joyful transition.

For individuals with a history of trauma, loss, or other mental health issues, the expected stress of this life phase can be intensified. At CGF we are uniquely trained to understand how these complexities affect the parenting experience.

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